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Nov 27, 2017

In this episode we are joined by Aaron Boyd for some entertaining nostalgia about what high-flying DotCom consultancies told their clients, and more serious insights about how to manage successful teams and, especially, how to build successful teams by hiring high-performing, high-character team members. After riding the dot-com wave, Aaron joined ed-tech startup Wireless Generation as employee number 7 and left a company with 300 people that would soon very successfully exit to News Corp. He was then a Principal at big-data platform Mortar Data, which exited to Datadog, and engineering lead at Nomic. During this journey, Aaron discovered the principle that effective goal-setting is a key reason why companies and teams succeed or fail. This time around, Aaron is applying that hard-won wisdom, and his insights into what ideas can translate into successful products, as co-founder of Placedapp, which is building a recruiting database integrated with Gmail.

Recorded Nov. 8, 2017.

Guest Bio:

Aaron Boyd is the co-founder of Placedapp, a smart candidate database for recruiters that lives directly inside GMail. Previously he was lead engineer at Nomic, where he led engineering, including planning, architecture and hiring. Before that, Aaron was a principal at big-data startup Mortar Data, which was acquired by Datadog, and held the positions of lead mobile developer, producer, and director of application development at Wireless Generation, which he joined as employee 7 and which was acquired in 2010 by News Corp. Before that Aaron was a senior associate at web consultancy Scient.

Show Notes:


DotCom Bubble

Software Engineering

Engineering Management





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