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Feb 5, 2018

Topics: 8086 CPU, Code Schools, Computer Science, Diversity, IBM PC, International Business, Java, Managing Engineers, Mentoring, Recruiting, Software Engineering, Teamwork and Team Leadership, Trust

Companies: PureWow, IBM

Organizations: NY On Tech


His dad an IBM salesman, Tony Jackson grew up in a houseful of gadgets and computers, so taking computers apart, reassembling them, and programming them became second nature to him. Later, enrolled in international business in college, he realized majoring in computer science could lead to a career doing what he loved and “not working a day in his life.” Jackson went on to join IBM himself, spending 9 years coding for Big Blue and partner companies before moving into a variety of engineering and management roles. As a manager, he has focused on sincerity, honesty and mentoring, and Jackson speaks proudly of the relationships he has forged and maintained over many years and many jobs. Tony also volunteers for NY On Tech, an organization that teaches classes and arranges internships for high-school students from backgrounds underrepresented in tech. Jackson explains why it’s both doing good and good business for businesses to work with NY On Tech to both tap into its pool of talented interns and to learn to draw and retain candidates from a wider pool. All the way through, Jackson speaks with an energy, optimism and candor that are infectious.

This is Episode 15 of "Using Reflection."

Guest Bio

Tony Jackson is a VP of Engineering at PureWow and a Member of the Board of Advisers at New York On Tech. He started his software engineering career at IBM. He has since held lead software engineer, senior software engineer, architect and web developer titles at Prudential, USA Today, the Federal Reserve, Everyday Health and Bloomberg, prior to joining PureWow. He is also the founder and CTO of the technology consultantcy Ranjax Media Solutions Inc., based in New York, N.Y.



Topics and References

8086 CPU
International Business
Java Version History


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New York On Tech - Volunteer to Teach or Become a Mentor




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